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Harfang Book#1 (in english)

Harfang Book#1 (in english)

An adaptation of the Jorinde & Joringel Grimm’s tale.

A few days before their wedding, Lynette and Bran go for a walk in the forest. The romantic rendezvous quickly turns into a nightmare when their path crosses that of a terrible witch who turns young innocents into birds to put them in cages. When Lynette falls victim to the spell, her lover is determined to do everything to save her, no matter the cost.

- Graphic novel (complete story)
- Language : english (corrected by a professionnal)
- Soft cover
- A5 size (15x21cm)
- signed book

56 pages colors (chapters 1-3)

[NB ]
La version française est publiée aux éditions Delcourt.